Can you be banned for custom skins?

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User Info: SnackMachine

5 years ago#1
I don't really know how Riot would detect this or if they even care, but I'm not knowledgeable on this type of thing so figured I'd ask.

I just finished playing through FF7 again out of boredom and I'm ready for a Tifa custom skin for Vi.

User Info: Barrenite

5 years ago#2
no but any custom skins for vi arent going to happen for a while
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User Info: Rydethetiger

5 years ago#3
No you cant.

Custom skins only apply to your client, so only you will see your skin/splash art.
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User Info: Spectral_Wrath

5 years ago#4
You actually can. I saw a riot post on the fourms saying if the skin or splash art was offensive you could be banned for it. Although the chances of that are pretty low because it is almost impossible for them to find out about it unless you posted a screenshot or something.

User Info: Rihawf

5 years ago#5
However, if you have problems with it they can't help you out.
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User Info: KarmicDragon1

5 years ago#6
I just downloaded the thing that changes all the females in the game to be naked. I quite like it.
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  3. Can you be banned for custom skins?

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