I have not lost mid once with Elise

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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#11
_HeX posted...
SorrySleeping posted...
The main problem with Elise has always been her teamfighting. She might win lanes, but so do other champions without being so useless in teamfights.

I don't know where people are getting this highly inaccurate idea from, but it's not true. If you're useless in teamfights it has everything to do with the player, and not the champion.

Elise is more than capable of instagibbing the enemy adc in a teamfight and walking away without a scratch if you play her correctly. She can stay back and throw out poke and harrass in human form until either side engages.

/\ By far, she gets on top of the ADC better than anybody and gets out just as easily. She has an amazing poke game and her sustained damage is pretty killer as well.
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User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#12
She's not that bad at team fights. Use her w to hurt groups and check bushes for ambushes. Her q can hurt critical targets. Just obviously don't initiate.
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