Who had you got pentas with?

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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#11
1 with Fizz, just a couple nights ago.
Thus far, that's it...
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User Info: zhe_king_of_ape

4 years ago#12
And dragon lady
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User Info: Small_appliance

4 years ago#13
Nearly got one with LeBlanc last night, but Cho stole it with an aa ;_;
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#15
AP Tristana
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4 years ago#16
vlad and twitch
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User Info: nyhustler208

4 years ago#17
nyhustler208 posted...
ryze, and I got it today, it was 1st one
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User Info: Divinewargod

4 years ago#18
Vayne, Kayle, Katarina (easily).

......... Fiora.
MHTri: Corey
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User Info: dotsdfe

4 years ago#19
I've almost gotten two with Caitlyn. One unofficial (tracked down the Diana and killed her but the timer had run out by a few seconds so I didn't get it), and one Quadra where a Brand outright stole the last kill; even the enemy team was calling him a douche for it.

Still no official Pentas though. =(
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User Info: pinkpantherfan5

4 years ago#20
i dont like my username. so please just call me Mark
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