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AP Nasus Guide: Or, How To Destroy The Meta And Have Fun Doing It

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User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#1
Warning*: Your team will dodge and troll you if you pick AP Nasus. People are terrified of something new and different. You have to know this coming in. After you wreck with AP Nasus they will be begging you for your build and masteries. Be nice and give it to them.


Hi, I'm TheConductorSix, aka BrandonFromLV in League. I like running under-used champions and under-used builds. My favorite build of all time was brought to me by another Gamefaqs User: FD. I've tested and tweaked this build in over 100 games and I've run it against every mid and assassin you can think of. It works. It works VERY well and requires very little skill.

So you might ask yourself, why pick AP Nasus? There are 4 reasons.

1.Nasus E is the single best farming tool in the game. At Level 3 of Spirit Fire, you can clear all 6 minions...every single time...without fail. It's the largest pool in the game and never fails to kill all 6 creeps. I've broken 200 CS before 20 minutes more than 60% of games.

2.Mid Lane is the best lane for Nasus because it's the easiest to ward and the hardest to gank. Nasus has a weak early game and Mid Lane keeps him safe. Mid Lane also has access to Wolves/Wraiths/and Blue Buff. This is you hit 200 CS so quickly.

3.Nasus is significantly stronger against APs and Assassins than he is against Bruisers. These champions don't have the sustain or defense that beats Nasus. This means Nasus can build Athene's and Merc Treads and go 100% Magic Resist runes and counter his lane.

4.AP Nasus has all the strengths of AD Nasus(The Q farm and the tanky build) with the bonus of having a Godlike Ultimate.

Rune Page

Against AD Assassin Mids: Magic Penetration Reds, Armor Yellows, Armor blues, Armor Quints. Yes, armor quints. Nasus needs to survive their Level 6 bursts. These runes let him do so.

Against APs: Magic Penetration Reds, Health Yellows, Magic Resist blues, Move Speed Quints. The movespeed quints are HUGE. Dodging skill shots and chasing APs down with Wither.


For new players I adviae 9/21. The defense masteries are just too good. Sometimes I go 0/30/0. For skilled players go 9/0/21. Nasus needs everything in the utility tree: Experience Boost, Mana Regen, Buff Boost, Biscuit, Lifesteal and Vamp, and most importantly MOVE SPEED and CDR.

Item Build

Against AP Mids: Athene's Holy Grail is a MUST. Gives everything Nasus needs. Then build Sheen. Then God Fist. After that, you can build whatever the hell you want. AP Nasus can literally build any item and work.

Against AD Assassins: Rush God Fist. Nasus absolutely poops on Assassins. One Wither and they're dead. You want to put 2 early points into Q against them as well.

Early Levels: 1-4

Flask and as many pots as you can hold. Nasus just needs to survive early on. You'll get poked so you need pots to survive. You wanna put 1 points into Q so you can start getting damage on it, one point into W, and then max out E. Once you hit level 3, don't be afraid to trade with any AP mid stupid enough to get close to you. Remember, AP Carrys don't have armor. If they get Withered you can chunk them to half with Q and autos.

Early Levels: 5-10
Once you hit level 5, your only job to clear mid with E, run to wraiths and clear that, run to enemy wraiths and clear that. Nasus is a god damn farm machine. You should never be mid long enough to take damage. Just Lay down E, last hit as many creeps as you can with Q, and then leave.

Wither is the greatest ganking tool of all time. If you land Wither on an enemy Mid and your jungler is around, they're dead. Even if they flash they're still 70% slowed. It's dumb. But only go for the kill if it's easy. For the most part you are Karthus.
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User Info: FatherRussia

5 years ago#2
This sounds horrible

"get lots of farm then be useless"

User Info: Gladiator28

5 years ago#3
I kinda wanna try this...
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User Info: happyscrub1

5 years ago#4
Where's your ranked match history with nasus as AP winning games?
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User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#5
Mid Game: Levels 11-15

Nasus is essentially Melee Karthus at this point. Your E is destroying team fights and lowering peoples resists. Your W is slowing enemies to a crawl. Your Q is doing stupid retarded damage. Your Ultimate is also the best Baron/Dragon taker in the game. You should fight for these whenever your ult is up. At this point your enemy mid laner can not stand up to you. One Wither and they should be absolutely crippled and killed.

At this point you should have Athenes+Godfist+Mercs+Building into a third item. Your CS should be near or close to 200. You should be higher level than everyone in the game. Here's the next step:

Nasus sieges turrets like a BOSS. Place E underneath turrets and clear the enemy creep wave. This makes them unable to defend. When your team goes to hit the turret, place an E right beneath you guys. If your enemy wants to fight they're gonna get wrecked doing it.

Late Game: 16-18

Late Game Nasus is a God. Late Game AP Nasus is a God+1. Your ult is doing massive health percentage, your Q is dropping 500+ damage. Your E is doing massive AOE. Your sole job in team fights is to land Wither on the enemy Carry and then Ultimate into the enemy team. You are suicide Karthus at all times. As long as you land W on the enemy Carry your team will win team fights.

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. I plan on making more because it's a blast to try new styles. Go out and test it and let me know how it goes.
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User Info: TheSuspected

5 years ago#6
I already knew AP Nasus was a beast, but playing him in an actual game would be difficult. You'd need a premade to avoid all the whining.
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User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#7

these are my season 2 stats with Nasus. I only got to play 12 games as Nasus because most teams are terrified because they hear he's "bad".

Only 6 of those games were as AP Nasus. Funny enough, all 6 wins were with AP Nasus. All 6 losses with AD.
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User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#8
Also, as you'll see, when you remove Ranged Carrys, Nasus is my best farmed champion. If that was only AP Nasus, you'd see 180-200 CS scores.

You'll also notice I have a near 80% win rate with Zilean because that guy is soooo broken and everyone stopped using him because they're dumb.
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User Info: Covenant

5 years ago#9
Spirit Fire wrecks nothing. Ever.

It is extremely sub-par compared to any other sustained damage ability.

User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#10
This is where you're wrong.

Spirit Fire trades up front damage for 2 things

1.Size. Again, Morgana's pool can farm all 6 creeps if you position them correctly and bunch them up. Nasus E clears it every single time. There is no better farmer in League of Legends than AP Nasus. You will have a Gold/Level lead for the entirety of the game.

2.Armor decrease. In this modern LOL where % Pen and Flat Pen work the way they do, Nasus Spirit Fire essentially turns team fights into True Damage fights for your ADs. Have you ever been an AP Carry with 30 armor, Withered inside of Spirit Fire so that your armor is 0, and then getting hit by a Q from Nasus? It. Hurts. Alot.
Realo won gold at the Sex Olympics with a BROKEN FRIGGIN NECK.-Voltch
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