AP Nasus Guide: Or, How To Destroy The Meta And Have Fun Doing It

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User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#141
ended first AP Nasus mid game as 5/9/18. Was only a normal since I wanted to just test the waters. I made lots of mistakes, I shouldn't have died that many times. I barely ever play mid, it's by far my worst role, I usually end up feeding.

Swapped HP yellows for armor yellows since I don't have the others, turns out it helped in the end. was against AP Ezreal - he has lots of quick harass that didn't push the lane, so I barely did anything for awhile. Last-hitting Q without armor pen + building it up was tougher than I thought. Top lane Xin got fed real quick, so he ganked mid a few times, but he couldn't dive me without dying and I never gave up a kill without killing someone also. I farmed wraiths and wolves when I could, but I botched my Q lots of times so it could've been better. Xin was a big problem, but I finished Athene's + Sorcs before grabbing Shroud + Fist.

Wither + Exhaust makes anyone like Xin next to useless. I had to balance between going for Xin or Twitch, though - wasn't really sure who I was gonna focus in teamfights. Whenever I died it usually caused a favorable trade, 1 for 2 or 2 for 4 or some such, so it was worth it.

I couldn't make my Spirit Fire kill a creep wave at rank 3. I had to get rank 4 + some AP before it did well. Maybe it's because I was a little behind. Anyway, tons of fun.

1.You will die alot as AP Nasus simply because the enemy HAS to focus you. As long as you win the team fight the deaths don't matter.

2.Flat Armor works very well if the enemy is auto attacking you to death.

3.Wither+Exhuast is the Anti Bruiser combo. It reduces his damage to 0 and makes him a sitting duck for quick kills. Nasus is the single best Anti-Dive champion in league.

4.I personally run Scaling AP Blues and Flat AP Quints because I have 0 fear of enemy mids but the Rune Page I gave was for new Nasus. So my Spirit Fire clears at level 3. If yours doesn't that's ok, it gets the creeps low enough to hit with Q so it's a win win.
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User Info: Theshamen

4 years ago#142
Lawl i just won with this
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User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#143
feel free to post your LOLKing matches after using it. It's fun to show the doubters how OP it is.
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User Info: McBonesII

4 years ago#144
I ran exactly what you suggested for the rune page (minus the yellows) so I figured it was supposed to clear at level 3. I could def swap out blues or quints for AP, I'd much rather have the SF clear waves at rank 3

second game vs cass. Neither team had a jungler (throwback to summoner level 15) so I didn't have to worry about ganks at all. I beat cass out of lane, CS and kills were relatively even but I sent her back a lot, so I should've been farther ahead than I was. They had Vayne/Nunu and she got fed really quick, she had IE/BT by the time teamfighting started and they had Jarvan/Vi peeling, there was nothing we could do at that point to stop her. Our Pantheon used his ult to travel across the map and afaik never actually hit anyone with it. So that was a loss.

User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#145
1.If you want Level 3 wave clear go Flat AP Blues and Quints and run 21/0/9.

2.Cassie is one of Nasus' more interesting matchups. You both push extremely hard, you both do great sustain damage. You can't go all in on her and she can't go all in on you. You basically just farm fest.

3.Nasus is actually the counter to Vayne. If Jarvan is peeling you then your Pantheon should've been diving her. Like I said earlier, you can't win every game, but Nasus makes some unwinnable games winnable by sheer force.

Wither+Exhaust renders any Bruiser or AD useless.
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User Info: refmon

4 years ago#146
I'll try it after work but 9/0/21 or 9/21/0 for normals, when you know who your fighting
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User Info: HyperTailsMan

4 years ago#147
4.Lich Bane is not the worth the cost on Nasus at all. God Gist gives Mana, CDR, Armor, Slow, 125% proc. This is far better than 5% movespeed and AP proc.

125% of base AD vs 100% of your total AP on a champ you put "AP" in front of.
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User Info: synth_real

4 years ago#148
From: HyperTailsMan | #147
125% of base AD vs 100% of your total AP on a champ you put "AP" in front of.

It actually now gives 50 + 75% magic damage.

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User Info: Final_Haven

4 years ago#149
I've been doing AP Tanky Nasus with a similar build (spirit for farm, less q's) for fun with friends for months and while i have had dominating games I've also had games which competent teams simply kite me to death.

AP/AD doesn't matter as he still suffers from this key weakness, no gap closers -> easy to kite. Wither helps in 1v1 situations but not enough in team fight scenarios as the competent adc's with high range attack skills (ez, corki) shouldn't stand close enough for you to wither, wither doesn't stop them from skill blinking out if you do land it and get close, and wither on ap's doesn't reduce the spell/skill damage like exhaust just as, and if you don't use wither you have no way of catching anyone.

I've found competent Janna support pretty much completely nullifies him as he cannot gap close on her (counter slow + knock up which he has a impossible time dodging + blow back for when he does catch up and ult) or the ap/ad that she's protecting rendering him moot for far to long in team fights. (admittedly i found the reverse true on gap closing melee teams, as they save me the trouble of reaching them with my ult powered q's of doom)

Nasus's build doesn't really matter in those situations, it's a hero/team comp difference. Good teams will take advantage of the lack of ranged magic burst that most current mid's have, some heroes like mentioned TF will outright completely destroy you. If they built there team comp poorly and have no kiting skills, go to town with AP or AD Nasus but that's more on them for choosing poorly.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#150
Everyone post their lolking with ranked victories using AP Nasus.
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