You walk into the bathroom to find your last played champion showering...

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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#71
It could've been Annie. Thankfully it was Taric. Whew.

User Info: SirDanieI

4 years ago#72
saborzero posted...

guess my life will be taken that day. Totally worth it.

Funny cus you got comment 69. hurhur

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User Info: chesterkito

4 years ago#73
P00DGE posted...
Raverbasher posted...
I say,

"Nice, i needed a shower too, i'll soap you down."

Jump in, grab the soap, and start lathering Riven up.

And that thought just made my day. Ty TC.

Smokey MacPot posted...
I don't walk in on people showering, that's just rude. It's not like you can't hear that the shower is on, and I imagine the door is shut too. Who just walks into a bathroom like that?

When a girl says she needs to use your shower to wash her feet cos she's been wearing flip-flops/sandals/thongs, you go into the walk in shower which doesn't have a see-through door to grab your toothpaste, and she's decided to take a full shower instead.

The above line is pretty effective in that situation.

No, that is a stupid theoretical situation. Why would she decide to take a full blown shower instead? Why are you deciding to brush your teeth at that exact moment? Anyone weird enough to just burst into the bathroom and start brushing their teeth while a girl is washing her feet in there is probably not going be asked by any girls if they can use their shower because they are weirdos.

That's.. Really not that weird.
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User Info: princemarth23

4 years ago#74
Miss Fortune.


User Info: higherflyerJ

4 years ago#75
Barocrates posted...
DualSword31 posted...
From: P00DGE | #041
It is a bit embarrassing to read some of the replies in this thread. Seriously, no one on this Earth is going to be happy to see you fat losers hop into the shower and violate them, why would any of the champions do so either? It is not like seeing someone on a shower naked is suddenly an invitation to ****, or even join.

eat out rekentons BUTT

If the world really ends tonight, I'm glad this was one of the last exchanges I ever read.

lol same here. I will go out a happy man.

User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#76
chicostick posted...
CenaxKikia posted...
Caitlyn.. I'm not sure if shes considered to be attractive by people.. so I don't know where to take this.

I'm attracted to her voice/accent. Otherwise I see her as one of those skinny women.

I don't like skinny/supermodel wannabe women (unhealthy skinny/thin)

Have you seen her thighs?!? I wouldn't call her skinny/thin..

User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#77

I would probably just try to turn it off without thinking too much into and as soon as I see her she gets excited.
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.

User Info: 911TheThug

4 years ago#78
Well, at least I'm happy that Trundle's making an attempt to keep himself sanitary in my house.
Z911 Fallin' on Hard Times

User Info: saborzero

4 years ago#79
This is funny. The only time one of these topics have come up and Kat isn't the last character I played.
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User Info: _equivocal_

4 years ago#80
Nami... "Eh, not as sexy as I thought... But what the hell?"
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