Who is your main?

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User Info: Hitomoshi

4 years ago#21
Hitomoshi|| Welcome to the internet, if you are female, be prepared to present proof- Jables
hmm no clue... that's a good idea

User Info: GhostSignal

4 years ago#22
Hard to pick between Nocturne and Brand at the moment.

User Info: oKillerkid

4 years ago#23
Hopefully you see the palindrome.
LoL IGN: V0MITSPIT / XBL: Mmmmmmm Food

User Info: Wii306

4 years ago#24
Currently Playing: P3F, LoL

User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#25
BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Main: Platinum Sub: Tager|OwlRammer for everything
MvC3 - Deadpool/Magneto/Spencer,X-23/Arthur/Spencer|Travian is awesome.

User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#26
Cho. Use to be J4 but since top lane became pots vs pots and mid basically consists of nothing but other AD guys it just got too lame for me.
Hidetaka Miyazaki, Shinji Mikami
Please come back Q_Q

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#27
ssj98_gotenks posted...

you're not allowed to answer!

Miss Fortune and Varus
Elise is my waifu! Hands off!

User Info: TriangularTwig

4 years ago#28
I don't have a main, I have some favorites for each role tho

Top: Darius, Singed, Dr. Mundo
Jungle: Amumu, Dr. Mundo
Mid: Kennen
Support: Blitzcrank, Alistar
ADC: Miss Fortune

User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#29
Olaf. He is the ViKING after all.
Paper is OP, scissors is fine. - Rock

User Info: GHExpert123

4 years ago#30
Bad Santa Veigar
Dark Cloud 3 needs to be made already! People that agree with me: 43
Not changing my sig until Street Fighter: The Animated Series is on Netflix.
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