Who is your main?

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User Info: Small_appliance

5 years ago#31
Talon and Trundle. Although I've been playing a lot less Trundle and a lot more Talon lately.
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User Info: Kirbix

5 years ago#32
Evelynn, Amumu & Ezreal
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User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#33

I've been neglecting Brand as of late.
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User Info: Yengeon

5 years ago#34
Nunu as a support.

I don't really have a go to for all the other roles.

User Info: kirbyakaZ

5 years ago#35
My fiance mains Teemo and Nami.
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User Info: Grimtron

5 years ago#36
"Mains" are for the weak, real men just hit random every game.
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User Info: RetributionV2

5 years ago#37
Miss Fourtune.
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User Info: zeldamaster2006

5 years ago#38
Kassadin, but I play a lot of champs.
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User Info: Exalx

5 years ago#39
My main is support. The champ I pick is dependent on the ADC that's picked.
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User Info: Howdy7777777

5 years ago#40
Anivia, though I spend more time playing Skarner since teams always seem to need a jungle.
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