How old are you, and how long have you been playing LoL?

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User Info: taco_ninja393

4 years ago#111
19, 20 in a month

Day before Darius I think (may?)
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User Info: matrix0523

4 years ago#112
17. I started this October. :3
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User Info: Zero25

4 years ago#113
22. I started when pantheon or morde was just release. So I've been playing for about 3 years.
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User Info: Argonia

4 years ago#114
17. Since a bit before Lulu or Hecarim.
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User Info: Gokotsu

4 years ago#115
22 and been playing since Sona / Miss Fortune have been released. Can't remember which came first.
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User Info: HoLaiMei

4 years ago#116
23 and I started when Garen came out. First champ I bought and I owned with him (<<<experienced Dota player). Holy crap that was a long time ago.

User Info: ShotgunBullet

4 years ago#117
18 first release and a little of beta

User Info: AdelbertSteiner

4 years ago#118
19, turn 20 in about 2 weeks. Started playing right after Jayce was released.
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User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

4 years ago#119

Right before the Yorick patch
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#120
20. Viktor patch.
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