Who should I buy? Riven? Or Jayce?

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  3. Who should I buy? Riven? Or Jayce?

User Info: leak_man

5 years ago#1
Jayce looks like Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth.

So I'm leaning toward him.
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User Info: Master_striker

5 years ago#2
Jayce is more fun to play.

User Info: StickyJumper

5 years ago#3
riven getting nerfed to hell next patch

stay away from her

jayce is godly and can go anywhere, you buy 1 champ you're essentially getting like 3 champs value
(message deleted)

User Info: TruHNIC187

5 years ago#5
havent played either myself but i have seen jayce do more work

User Info: CORNBRE4D

5 years ago#6
Riven is better at hyper carrying and ending games, when you snowball with her you just destroy people.

Jayce is easier to lane with, and doesn't require you to be extremely fed to shine.

Both are two of my favorite champs to play.
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  3. Who should I buy? Riven? Or Jayce?

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