How do you beat AP Yi in lane?

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User Info: YourJanissary

5 years ago#21

shield clears wave faster than yi, blocks alpha strike, and you stun him during meditate.
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User Info: Trevorkkho

5 years ago#22
Anyone with hard CC and stay away from your own minions.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#23
Diana is a really good pick vs him. Her E can end his meditate and she has really good chase for ensuring a kill when he ults away.

The main thing is you also have to rune and master Mres. AP Yi players will be starting laning phase with ~50 AP (runes, masteries + doran's ring opening).

In lane you have to punish him after he Alpha Strikes. It chunks you and you're like OW DAMAGE and the instinct is to run away but in truth he has no follow up to that unless you're low, so now is the time to hard trade him and punish him. Alpha Strike has a really high cooldown early (like 12 seconds or something). Then you back off again. This keeps your trades more even. Then when he Meditates you have to interrupt it otherwise he erases your trades and you're still low.

You also have to build Mres and health so items like Abyssal Scepter and Rylai's Crystal Scepter are good to aim for.

Don't forget to ward both sides of the lane to catch him roaming because all lanes can't afford to itemize Mres like you can just to deal w/ Yi.
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  3. How do you beat AP Yi in lane?

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