How is Mundo in S3?

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User Info: Xshortguy007

4 years ago#1
Looking at the Spirit Visage, the healing boost was bumped up to 20%, and the overall boost to HP items, Is this enough to help Mundo break out of a slump? or

User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#2
Jungle changes hurt him, he can't destroy the jungle or sustain from the start with Vamp scepter. Still a sub-par top pick, compared to all the other tops. If you get a good runepage for him (mostly HP), he can at least last hit well throughout the game.
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User Info: Branchos

4 years ago#3
Mundo still goes where he pleases

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#4
2nd fastest clears, decent ganks, good counter-jungler

Only real weakness is that he's vulnorable to counter-junglers pre-6, not because he can't fight them, but because he'll be low on hp before he gets his ult.

After he gets his ult he literally doesn't B unless he wants to
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User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#5
He is very very powerful in the new jungle.

But wow is he scary as heck to play.

I mean seriously you get so low you just are trembling in fear praying nothing enters a mile within your jungle those early levels.

Get past those though, and you will destroy!

User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#6
He's entered the pool of Amumu, Hecarim, and other junglers with weak early clears. If your opponent realizes this and goes to counter jungle you early and camp you, you're probably done for.
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User Info: cod4lyfe1997

4 years ago#7
Well he still clears fast but he takes more damage, he can clear well starting without a machete and going cloth though, majority of other junglers have machete as a mandatory start. I feel like getting flat hp quints or hp5 is helps a lot if you want a safer initial clear, but not sure which choice is better.
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#8
Stupid that he has nothing to build in Twisted Treeline

-No warmogs
-No Force of nature
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User Info: Ork_Hero

4 years ago#9
deoxxys posted...
Stupid that he has nothing to build in Twisted Treeline

-No warmogs
-No Force of nature

AP Mundo is scary there
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User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
4 years ago#10
Just go back at level four and buy a health crystal and rejuvenation bead, or if you had a successful gank, buy a giant's belt. After that it's every bit as good as S2 Mundo.
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