Let's build a season 3 Sona.

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User Info: Xigbar

4 years ago#1
We'll start with two sight wards and a Faire Charm.

The first thing we do with gold is build that FC into Philosophers Stone, obviously. Continuing to ward as necessary, our next purchase will be Sight Stone. Then we'll buy boots, subsequently upgrading them to Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

If anyone disagrees with the above, please share your thoughts, but it seems pretty dang solid to me. From here on, things get a bit trickier. What do we want to build towards now? The rec'd items are powerful and sure to aid Sona and her team in most situations, but I'm sure we can do something smarter and more efficient.

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but maybe our next item should be Aegis of the Legion (yes I know it's rec'd, so not the point). Is it worthwhile to buy a second gold item, such as Kage's Lucky Pick (possibly even before the Ionian Boots?)

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User Info: Deathral

4 years ago#2
depends on how the game goes, If my adc is getting fed early on (with me getting assits) I will grab SS before PhilS. Otherwise, seems solid enough
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#3
If you're winning lane, build an early Zekes and snowball even harder.

With your Q aura active, you're giving yourself and your ADC +40 AD, +10% lifesteal.
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User Info: QuantumMechonis

4 years ago#4
I'm a fan of getting Boots of Mobility on my supports for better roaming to ward places. Sona's cooldowns are so low anyways that you really don't need the CDR boots.

I like getting Mikhail's Crucible on my supports, even though it's expensive. Grab an early Chalice (after philo stone and sightstone/wards and level 1 boots of course). It'll help with any potential mana issues early on and the Crucible is a pretty good item (I tend to spam a lot in lane).
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User Info: PKMNsony

4 years ago#5
I usually star Faerie Char, 2x Sight Wards, 1x Vision Wards, and 2x Red Pots.

My first back is Boots, Philo, or Sight Stone, whichever is the most expensive that I can afford first after wards etc..

After all of those, I tend to build Aegis if no one else is, then Runic Bulwark if the enemy is running a dual AP comp or the AP carry is really fed. Upgrade to Ruby Sight Stone and start building into my Shurelya's at this point. Then lastly I upgrade my boots, usually to Merc's or Tabi's, depending on whose fed and the enemy team comp. I will upgrade this earlier if I need the extra defense, otherwise I save it for later.

If the game is still going at this point, I will start building into Zeke's Herald if no one else has. I sometimes build this earlier if our Jungler and Top relies on a lot of auto attacks also, but I usually save this until after Aegis/Bulwark. I haven't had many chances to build it yet this season though.

User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#6
Zeke Herald, Will of the Ancients, and Aegis of the Legion

Nothing else matters.

User Info: Covenant

4 years ago#7
Sightstone, Philo, then aura/team items situationally.

Shurelya's if you need help with engage/disengage
Aegis if you need more tankiness and nobody else is buying it
Crucible if you're having problems with CC
Zeke's if you took several kills from the carry and want to put him as far ahead as he should be

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#8
Free Biscuit and Free Ward.
Flask (if you use it more than 4 times, it has paid for it's cost) and 3 wards.
Sightstone as your first item at 7:30 unless you're forced to back before then. You have to start Sightstone as your first item because otherwise you won't have wards for your lane. I mean, if you got a triple kill in lane than you can safely go Philo first, but you have to be getting 2 wards for your lane every back, so if you don't get Sightstone first then you have to balance getting Philo and wards, which ends up delaying your build more than the +gold from Philo makes up for.

At least in my experience. If you want to see math about it, there is some here.

After that, philo, boots, and a pink. I try to get one pink every back so that I have a ward for Drag, tri, and bush control. If I'm tight on money, I opt for a green instead.

What I get next depends on the flow of the game. As soon as the lane phase is over, I want to have Ruby Sightstone and Boots of Mobility for warding and map presence. However, those items don't really help me much in lane compared to getting Lucky Pick or pieces of Aegis or so on, so I don't want to get them too early.

I like getting Lucky Pick as my next major purchase because of how strong Shard of True Ice is on supports. Having that extra income really helps, and if our lane is still even when I get Shard I can use it to confirm kills when our Jungler ganks and end the stalemate.

If I know someone on my team is going to be getting Aegis, then I will opt for Chalice to eventually make Crucible, because I love that item on supports. But I feel like having Aegis is more important for teamfights up until the late game.

My timing for upgrading Reverie from Philostone varies widely. Sometimes I get it soon after my Ruby Sightstone, sometimes I get it as my last item. It tends to depend on how well my team's initiator can use Shard's aura. If my team needs more initiating, I'll grab Reverie sooner.

I'm no longer really interested in getting Herald. The health is nice and the CDR is nice, but the aura doesn't help me at all and doesn't really help my team much either. I mean, it's nice for the carry, but the +aspd made pushing towers easier and I'm not convinced that the +damage is a good enough replacement. I'd rather get Locket for making myself harder to kill (important on a squishy like Sona).

All in all, my build ends up looking something like this:
Sightstone -> Rubysightstone
Philo -> Reverie
Boots -> Mobo -> Captains (if we're winning) or Homeguard (if we're losing)
Lucky Pick -> Shard of True Ice
Chalice -> Crucible
Emblem of Valor -> Aegis -> Bulwark (if no one else is getting it)/Kindlegem -> Locket of the Iron Solari (if someone is)

User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#9
Philo stone
Kage lucky pick > Twinshadow

Dunno what to build after that, depends on match.
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User Info: BowtotheTWIG

4 years ago#10
Sightstone as first buy

It's the equivalent of over 8 GP10
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