what champ do you look the most like?

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  3. what champ do you look the most like?

User Info: darkestmerc

5 years ago#61
Keanu Reeves.
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User Info: krizladx

5 years ago#62
When I look at the mirror, I see Pantheon's body and Garen's face.

User Info: LaqOfInterest

5 years ago#63

Or Janna. Not sure which.
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User Info: EcchiBaka

5 years ago#64
Chielz0r posted...
Janna, but sluttier.

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User Info: TheStealthMan

5 years ago#65
I guess Garen. Short brown hair, tall, and a tad muscular.
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User Info: shadowpurple

5 years ago#66
Definitely Not Blitzcrank.
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  3. what champ do you look the most like?

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