We need a champion that...

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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#11
We need Gilgamesh.
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User Info: TheCurseX2

4 years ago#12
The Undertaker.
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User Info: Vergilkilla

4 years ago#13
Elemental Fusion posted...
Passive-aggressive Jewish mother champ.

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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#14
An older fortune teller, ranged magical bruiser who uses a floating crystal ball to attack. Starts with 375 attack range.

Passive - Crystal Link: As long as you're in possession of at least one orb, you can cast a spell. For every orb you own but do not have with you, your Armour and Magic Resist increase by 20-45 depending on level.

Q - Telekinesis: Passively increase attack range slightly. Next attack passes through all enemies until it reaches the target, then returns dealing 50/75/100/125/150% damage on the way back, all damage is converted to magical and has a small AP and AD scaling. 7 second CD at all levels. The orb refreshes after 3 seconds, not affected by CDR.

W - Resonance: An orb explodes in a flash of light which magically damages and slows all enemies within 400 range of you. Closer enemies are slowed more severely. The orb Reforms after 16/15/14/13/12 seconds, affected by CDR. This is equivalent to the CD of the spell.

E - Elusive Glimmer: Throw your orb out to (attack range + 100 units), dealing small magic damage to all enemies it passes through. Activate again to teleport to the orb, destroy it and gain an AP scaling shield for 3 seconds. The orb reforms after 18/16/14/12/10 seconds, affected by CDR. This is equivalent to the CD of the spell.

R - Manifestation: Permanently gain an extra orb for each level in this skill. This means that, prior to level 6, you can only use one skill until the orb reforms. At the third level, you can use all skills in quick succession. Note that her autoattack, counts as orb removal for 2 seconds. That means, prior to level 6, she can't combo autoattacks into spells either.

This woman (Laina, the Mystic Seeress), is Syndra's child from the future. Don't ask who would approach her, just imagine it happened. Zilean sent her into the past to prevent a possessed Ezreal from unlocking an ancient artefact that's like a Pandora's Box, which would cause untold destruction if it was opened. She's a good guy who's learned through training with Annie how to use her dark powers without letting them take over her mind (which, let's assume, Annie learns as she reaches adulthood).

She's a bit like Syndra in that she unlocks great power later on. Her early presence is limited in that she can only cast one spell at a time, but later on, she can cast all of her spells, the full combo of which deals high AoE damage, gives her a shield and, at level 18, 135 Armour and Magic resist, so where Syndra specializes in high late game single-target burst and slight utility, Laina specializes in high resistances and mobility. If she builds AS like a carry or on-hit champ, she balances out in that, since autos remove an orb for 2 seconds, she becomes unable to spam abilities.

Damn, this felt good to create. I should probably draw up some concept art and post it on the forums too.
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User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#15
Elemental Fusion posted...
Passive-aggressive Jewish mother champ.

Insta buy Riot plz make this happen

She attacks with words and shouts...yes yes yes spank me yes
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