There should be ranked 1v1 proving grounds.

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User Info: Yomjoseki

4 years ago#11
mx3orange posted...
people would still complain about elo hell

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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#12
Only if they change it so you don't start with level 3 and an absurd amount of starting gold. Completely ruins some matchups.

User Info: SyxxPakk6

4 years ago#13
Zyra would dominate everyone.
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#14
1.Is your opinion
2.Yeah its hard to really say anythings fair there
3.So it takes no skill to beat somebody 1v1? lol.
4.The point is because some people think its fun to play 1v1 against somebody... do you have fun when you play mid or top? Or is it only fun when the junglers come?

You seem disappointed and sad that someone doesn't like your idea for a 1v1 game mode. He's right, though. 1v1 mode would honestly be stupid and a waste of time for a game like League. If you prefer 1v1 then I suggest fighting games.

1v1 scenarios are very stupid because there are just certain matchups that suck. Singed vs Vayne? Troll much? But if they go Vayne you can go something like Teemo/Darius/LeBlanc. People always say you can outplay counters but there are just certain matchups that you never want to get yourself into in a 1v1 situation. At least in a team you can outplay them well enough to the point where them advancing would mean them overextending for your jungler to gank. And even though they beat you in a 1v1 because of champion select or getting counter picked or they pulled a few lucky moves and got ahead of you you can still win through the teamfights.

1v1 would mostly just be counterpicking and then whoever can get a first 1-2 kills to snowball and win. Boring and stupid. Real.
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  3. There should be ranked 1v1 proving grounds.

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