Trinity Force or Gauntlet on Hecarim?

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User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#11
aoe cc+damage? yes
better mana? oh yeah
cd reduc? yes pls

User Info: profDEADPOOL

4 years ago#12
From: Gun Sage | #008
Mahlazer123 posted...
Leave the damage to your adc/ap/top. You're a jungler. Unless you get 400 cs and 20 kills, the elder lizard item will bite you in the end. The 500 hp, tenacity, and armor vastly outweigh the dps boost lategame.

A large portion of his tankiness comes from his W, so if you're getting enough resistances and a spirit visage, thats where most of your survivability will be.

This. Elder Lizard boosts your survivability while using W by a lot. True damage added on to your other damage to heal you? Yes please.

And if the PBE buff of giving it 10% CDR stays then a core of Elder Lizard/IBG/SV gives you 40% CDR also. %$#& is %$#&ing op.
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User Info: LeVulcan

4 years ago#13
I usually go

Elder Lizard
Trinity Force
Merc Threads

I don't end up doing too bad. From now on, I'll give gauntlet a chance. I just didn't like how it gives AP and mana. I find those stats kind of "meh" on Hecarim. I'm never really in need of mana and his AP ratios are pretty bad.
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