Stuff Riot needs to copy from Dota 2

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User Info: IceMage20

5 years ago#1

Just UI stuff, no gameplay mechanics or heroes or items or game modes.

(To show I'm unbiased - I posted this on the Dota 2 forums: )
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User Info: aHappySacka

5 years ago#2
But then you'd have to pay RP for more features.
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User Info: lDPl

5 years ago#3
aHappySacka posted...
But then you'd have to pay RP for more hats
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User Info: Sid_Icarus

5 years ago#4
It's already been explained time and time again on why they can't have as many character interactions and it's still for pretty valid reasons.
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User Info: HeroshiX2

5 years ago#5
Agreed with OP. (Especially on freeing up some of the dota 2 ui, it IS pretty massive, though not nearly as bad as a screenshot makes it look.)

Also cosmetics in dota are borderline free, though you're not at all certain to get something you want with the amount of items in the game right now.

User Info: Kharn99

5 years ago#6
lDPl posted...
aHappySacka posted...
But then you'd have to pay RP for more skins


Oh wait.....

User Info: ritz2

5 years ago#7

User Info: T-Viral-X

5 years ago#8
Cosmetics in dota are also very VERY lame. Stupid community doesn't want anything novel cuz they hardcore serious.

I like the quick buy options. I wouldn't care much about having enemy death timers readily available. Character interactions is purely a production value "lore"implementation. Hell, when I play Dota2 I even turn voices off cuz I hate them soo much. Riot goes one step further and makes it affect actual gameplay. Why do I want a useless picture of my character taking up my screen real estate? I only ever use the line drawing to draw penises before the match starts. Mana cost might be useful. Why is that strength stat useful? For knowing what our bonus AD is or something? In that case it's only useful in calculating skills that only scale off bonus AD which means we're looking at the skill's tooltip to see the damage anyway.

That said, only adding large, useless, moving character portraits would negatively affect my experience. Everything else is neutral or like.
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User Info: TwilightKing13

5 years ago#9
What are you pointing out about the inventory?
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User Info: RunesCall

5 years ago#10
I'd definitely love having "champion interaction" more when it comes to specific champions attacking each other, and when they do go on killing sprees and all of that. I don't know if I'm as interested with it when it comes to buying items, but uhh.. I hope we can see some of these features implemented.
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