I've now played over 100 games as Vi. Ask me anything about her.

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User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#81
This is pretty much how I've always been building Vi, though I disagree that tank Vi is useless, since she can still dish some big damage even while building defensively, just by sticking to the carry. I would only do that if the rest of the team is relatively squishy though.
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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#82
Its Vi-day, Vi-day, gotta get down on VI-day.

User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
4 years ago#83
Maxing W and building a Zephyr along with Mallet, Frozen Heart, Bulwark, Mercs and GA deals good sustained damage for being tanky. But it doesn't allow you to blow up the ADC/APC so you have to play her differently. And if you don't build a nice AS item you really can't do any damage building pure tank.

From: GrayMuse | #080
what errors have you learned not to make while teamfighting with vi,or fighting with her in general?

Always, ALWAYS make sure you land your auto after your Q. You can instantly E, applying denting blows which is 20% armor shred. Even if you don't kill them, you've nuked their armor and someone else can get extra damage in.

Save your ult. It seems like such a great initiation skill but it's not always that. As a matter of fact it's often not that that. If you land a skill rotation most squishies will lose half their health off just that and will use an escape to reposition or get out. Use it at this point to catch up to them and render their escape useless, and if you're maxing Q it should be up again to chase them down and finish them off afterward.

From: KeepItCivil | #079
Can you post one in a video/file hosting site of your choice?

I don't know what replays would be good, as I don't really watch them (I usually only watch my losses to see what I could do better, but I don't lose many Vi games and those probably aren't the games you want to see anyway). But I can post a GameFAQs game from yesterday. I'll watch it quickly and get some timestamp analysis.


3:20 - The importance of knowing when to charge your Q. I fail to fully charge my Q and therefore lose out on the kill on Udyr by just a few HP. Half a minute later I get Dota2 killed by missing my Q entirely, causing him to take tower aggro before taking the kill myself. Not good play, but a good example.

8:40 - The proper thing to do here is not miss my Q, but even after that I made poor decisions. Judging how low their health was I should have saved my ult knowing Trynd would escape with his ult on. From there, simply timing correctly when to use the ult would kill him.

11:20 - This is a good example of how to avoid deep wards in top lane on blue, or bottom lane on purple. If he had warded the brush this would not have worked, but from experience I gained this game I knew he had been warding closer to Baron to watch for both my ganks and Veigar roaming. You see them ping afterward the route I went because Udyr was probably like "WTF how did she get there without me seeing?"

14:30 - May not have needed to use ult to secure kill, but I wasn't sure on the CD of Tryndamere's spin, so I used to just as his ult ended to secure the kill 100%.

26:30 - Don't do this. Pressed Q on accident, wasted it, died.

32:00 - I called for my team to come push bot, and I started. They didn't come with. I react way late thinking they were going to be fine or coming with me. Poor play on my part. Also wasted ult on Kog knowing Varus was right there to take it. I could have used it to catch up to any of the other three targets and get at least another kill, if not two.

Ninja Tabi was built this game due to them having 5 AD. Merc Treads recommended in 90% of games. Also I don't normally miss this many Qs. If you can't land your Qs, don't play Vi. Especially if you're maxing it first. This really wasn't good play on my part overall, but still average jungle routes, teamfights, ganking paths and item build so I'd say it's fine.
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