Last second sale champ purchase, decide it for me!

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User Info: adept89

4 years ago#11
TruHNIC187 posted...
correct me if im srong. i thought that the IP price of champs (ie: Jayce costing 6300) was in direct relation to their release date, not their potential domination?

It is (typically) linked to release date. The reason people say to buy 6300 champs when they're on sale is because you're getting the best value for your money since it's easier to save for champs with lower IP prices.
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User Info: krazykillerkow

4 years ago#12
LaqOfInterest posted...
Silver Shadow X posted...
Surprised how massively Leona lost that poll. Is it because tanks aren't nearly as good due to S3 changes?

It's because a certain little purple whore dominates the support market and no one gives Leona a second glance.

Dont you DARE talk about Taric that way!
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User Info: ZedPower

4 years ago#13
afewmangos posted...
leona = no damage

without any ap, assuming ideal circumstances and only one target, her full combo will deliver 1550 damage

(of course sunlight isn't gonna be popped perfectly every time, but that's because if it did then she would be op as balls)

anyway if you take her passive entirely out of the equation, reduce that number to 990

under the same conditions, taric does 950, lulu does 540, sona does 600, soraka does 410, alistar does 515, janna does 620

if we're looking at some ap mages who can be played support, orianna does 910, lux does 1570, zyra does 785 + whatever her plants manage


leona = no damage


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