why does everyone pretend support is fun?

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  3. why does everyone pretend support is fun?

User Info: crondizzle

5 years ago#1
ask any league player: Oh i love supporting! every role is fun!

Yet at champ select screen, NO ONE EVER wants support

User Info: EcchiBaka

5 years ago#2
That's because most of them are selfish halfwits that think they know what they are doing in the lanes they choose, and from a solo queue standpoint there's about a 50% chance that they are completely wrong and stupid idiots that blame others for their mistakes or they ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, in which case you enjoy supporting.

I dunno about you, but I love spoonfeeding my lane partner with Leona.
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User Info: Rihawf

5 years ago#3
I have no pretentions, only intentions when I aim to win.
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User Info: jats605

5 years ago#4
I like support.
I seem to win more as Leona.

From: KloudtheYoukai | #002

I dunno about you, but I love spoonfeeding my lane partner with Leona.

I will get in an Abrams and sit on the runway, right in front of the jets. Jets can't go in reverse.

User Info: braiel91

5 years ago#5
I love supporting a good ad but if you get stuck supporting an idiot it'll be the worst experience ever which is often the case since you have no idea how they like to play their adc and they have no idea how you like to support so they'll often die or miss out on kills simply because they don't know what you want to do in a given situation

User Info: notanoob74

5 years ago#6
support is the spectator role. people play it for the same reason LoL streams have a combined total of over 50,000 at any given time.
not a noob since 2003

User Info: BenWhoDrowned

5 years ago#7
I love supporting IF the adc is a friend - I'll actually say "support or I feed" during champion select. When I'm playing with an ADC who I know and trust, it's actually my favorite role.

In any other situation, just no.

User Info: TriangularTwig

5 years ago#8
support is fun but sometimes i suck hard at it

User Info: tacoslayer89

5 years ago#9
I don't mind it.

If the adc is bad enough that me constantly harassing, stunning, and healing still leads to their deaths, there was never any hope to begin with anyway.
They call me...Yellow Skinned Wacky Man!

User Info: ShuraYukihime

5 years ago#10
Some of us liked playing Cleric in D&D. I guess it's a similar mindset. I love support in all games.
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