why does everyone pretend support is fun?

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User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#21
jepaan posted...
MizunoRyuu posted...
I like supporting good ADCs, but not the ones who insist on taking ignite and forcing you to get heal, then complain that you didn't take a crappy non-support like Blitz, Ali or Nunu, claiming they're "strong".

You do know that support is "supposed" to take heal, right?

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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
4 years ago#22
Hence the quotation marks around supposed. The spell is designed to be support oriented with the changes in S3, even if it's not favored by the current meta.
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User Info: the_rowan

4 years ago#23
ShuraYukihime posted...
Some of us liked playing Cleric in D&D. I guess it's a similar mindset. I love support in all games.

Cleric is more like AP Lulu or Zilean than a support though. You still kick ass on your own and get to be as strong as everyone else--you just have abilities in your kit that are meant for casting on allies.
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User Info: xEvoker

4 years ago#24
If I have to, I support, otherwise I want to play a role which has a more direct impact without someone else needing to have competence.

In solo queue, you are the only reliable player.
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User Info: LOLgan

4 years ago#25
different strokes for different folks

User Info: Pulsian_Pioneer

4 years ago#26
Supporting is as fun as the amount of support champions you have.

For example taking Janna everytime gets boring. But being able to choose between Nami and Lulu and Janna mixes things up.
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User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#27
poor TC you put yourself out there as that guy........sad

Supporting can be fun, it's another way of playing and when u think about it you carry the game by making your teammates as good as u can make them.

Yes it hurts when ur teammates fail but it happens get over it.
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User Info: Yordle

4 years ago#28
It can be. Play stuff like Nidalee or Elise support.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#29
it's very relaxing setting up others for last hits instead of yourself
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User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#30
Support is fun. You do more than sitting there CSing waiting for ganks and trading. It's your job to win the vision war (if you ignore it you're a baddie) while trading hits and trying to setup kills.

Most crappy support players I've seen, mostly Tarics, camp only one bush, they don't ward the other. They run off and land their stun expecting a follow-up while the minion wave is almost at his AD's tower, or while the AD is quite far behind. They tend to blame the carry, and often I've seen them use their shatter right after their stun in such engagement, ensuring they don't have bonus armor to tank the incoming CC and damage.

If trading and winning the vision war wasn't enough on top of being aware of ganks, you need to adapt to your new carry every game. They all play differently and signs that your usual friend has that shows he'll go in, they may not have. Some carries will roam a little bit, go for the blue buff steal or just clear a wave, go beat golems and repeat with some harass weirdly placed in there.
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