You can have one champ's abilities IRL

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User Info: JiminyTheDingo

4 years ago#41
Shen. I'd prefer abilities geared toward keeping myself protected rather than killing a bunch of people. Having a shield, a dash that lets me go through walls, and the ability to teleport to anyone I want to is pretty cool. Also chucking swords is cool too.
The''s taunting me! O_o

User Info: flyguy101

4 years ago#42
Zilean. Who wants, to live, forever?

User Info: Tenshino

4 years ago#43

User Info: megasuprwaffle

4 years ago#44
karthus ult

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#45
I really think Janna is probably one of the best for transitioning to real life.

Move speed passive? Lol sports.
Tornado as instant reflex? No one f***s with you ever.
Shield and AD buff? Natural fighter.
Ranged slow? Again lol sports.
Positioning and healing Ulti? More reaction savesso yyou can't ever be touched.

User Info: pokeman2007

4 years ago#46
Lux laserz and stuff xD
"TC get away from the bridge, those goats don't want any trouble!!!" -Lapanui

User Info: Twidger

4 years ago#47

User Info: OnslaughtOfGods

4 years ago#48
Teemo's abilities or Garen's

Invisibility or spin-slap the **** out if people lol
You're not even strong enough to kill my boredom

User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#49
Gragas W
Posted from my N-Gage

User Info: jepaan

4 years ago#50
BrokeMyMonitor posted...
Can I have the old TF ult? I'll take that

See you goons in -insert tropical paradise here-

Old TF ult is worse than the one he's got now. Why would you want that?
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