fed jungler not so good?

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User Info: docstrange

5 years ago#11
Good luck getting out of 975! That sounds like ELO hell and I have no clue how to help you, but I have faith you will climb out. Generally with support-ish junglers (like Maokai, Amumu, Nunu) I try to get my lanes the kill, but if you're going for the carry (Noct, Hecarim, Fiddle) by all means grab the kill, if you can keep up your map presence. Don't let getting ahead make you forget your lanes still need jungler presence- since extenuating circumstances revolving around YOU getting that kill may mean your lane can still fall behind.
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User Info: DJ_Limes

5 years ago#12
thanks for the tips guys! I prefer to play carry junglers at this elo, because frankly when I gank as mao or naut, my teammates often cant follow up and grab themselves a kill
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