What are your irelia builds?

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User Info: B01t

5 years ago#1
I used her a fair bit in S2, but i've yet to touch her in season 3. How does this build sound?

Frozen Mallet, Ninja tabi, wits end, Zephyr, GA, Warmogs.
Factoring in masteries, flat armor seals and MR/level glyphs, the totals are:
4076 health, 171 armor, 133 resistance, 1.652 atk speed,

This build makes her extremely tanky, but also has substantial dps and movement speed.
She gets 10% MS from zephyr and ninja tabi's passive further reduces damage from ad carries. bonus damage per hit from wits, and a great slow from mallet.

An alternative would be to replace warmogs with bulwarks, it would reduce her health but push her armor to 202 and MR to 193. Really, either option would work i suppose, although Bulwark's slightly less expensive (only by 150g, so it's not an appreciative difference). I guess, if your team already has a tank jungler and tanky support who both get bulwark, warmogs would be the clear choice. On the other hand, with the penetration changes and if the enemy team is mostly ad with black cleavers, i'd go with warmogs.
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User Info: ssj98_gotenks

5 years ago#2
manamune and thornmail?

what the hell?

User Info: Oximofo

5 years ago#3
ssj98_gotenks posted...
manamune and thornmail?

what the hell?

oh man.
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User Info: Reaper_Minion

5 years ago#4
I still go with the Trinity Force + situational tanky items build, sometimes picking up Wit's End and/or Zephyr.

I really miss getting FoN on Irelia, though.
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User Info: EDumey

5 years ago#5
Tri-Force instead of Mallet.

Then lol sure why not for the rest because you're irelia and have tri-force.

User Info: TheConductorSix

5 years ago#6
Well known secret about Irelia: She can build anything. Anything.

Irelia is technically an assassin. You guys think Mid Lane Lee Sin is terror? Wait until you see Mid Lane Irelia that's popping up here and there. Scary stuff.

As for the more common solo top Irelia, build whatever you need to win lane then build whatever you need to win game. It's that simple. If I have a tank jungler like Maokai or Shen I build Zephyr and Bloodthirster. Or I build Trinity Force and Wit's. Or I build Blade of the Ruined King and Brutalizer.

Whatever it takes for you to kill your lane is what you should build. Then build whatever it takes to win team fights. It's that easy with Irelia.
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Flare the Echidna 5 years ago#7
I've been doing mid Irelia for a whle and every time I have someone complain about until I carry their sorry asses.

User Info: Vonkilington

5 years ago#8
TheConductorSix posted...
Well known secret
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