Bottom Lane and Their Counters

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User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#1
Top Lane Counters are pretty obvious and self-explanatory at this point.
Mid Lane doesn't really have "counters" because of the shortness of the lane

But Bot Lane has some very distinct matchups that benefit one side over the other. I know there are websites that show bot lane matchups but they never explain why, so for the casual observer there is no actual benefit. I'm here to help with that.

I've played around 500 games at 1500-1700 Elo as a Support so don't take things verbatim here, it's just results from things I've experienced personally and watched at higher levels.

The Obvious Ones

Janna hard counters Leona. There is literally nothing Leona can do against Janna with proper timing. Leona's E particle is slow and obvious and if Janna Smart Cast Tornado she can not only cancel the E but sometimes knock Leona off screen. Leona's only chance is to Flash Q but this leaves her completely vulnerable if things don't go right. If Leona ults, Janna ults. Janna v. Leona is the only "hard" counter in the support world. Thankfully for Leona fans like myself, no one picks Janna or they suck with her. But if you can't beat Leona, learn to smart cast tornado.

Tip: Leona's usually W before they E in. It's a dead give away.
Tip:Don't give Leona brush control. No vision means predictions are impossible.
Tip: Position yourself behind your carry but not too far away that tornado has to travel more than 1 second to cancel.

Soraka v. Taric. This is a hilarious one. I know everyone from Elo 1-1500 thinks Taric is the be all end all of supports because Stun OP. Against players who don't know his weakness he seems unstoppable. But Taric has 2 very specific weaknesses: High Cooldowns, High Mana Costs. All his spells sans W cost 80 mana or higher and have cooldowns over 10 seconds. So how does Soraka beat him? Simple, she forces Taric to stun her. Let me explain further:

1.Taric stuns your carry at level 1. Biggest waste of mana ever. Soraka will simply start Q spamming the enemy carry while her carry follows up on it. Taric has no follow up damage while soraka has Q and autos.

2.Level 2 Taric will come to Stun/Shatter your carry. The second Taric gets in stun range he gets in silence range. Just silence him and Q. There's literally nothing he can do. Silence, Q, then run away. Don't be impatient. When your E is down Taric has the advantage.

3.By now Taric is getting pissed. He's wasting mana and not getting kills. So he's going to start stunning you because he can't get to your carry with his pitiful range. Perfect. Soraka's passive nullifies a lot of his burst and if their carry tries to follow up Soraka just presses W and armors up. Meanwhile your AD carry is dropping bombs on their AD carry.

Once Taric's Mana Pool is low, the Q spam starts. There's nothing he can do. Taric without mana can not land shatter. He can only land Shatter with Stun up. Soraka is so under valued right now.
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User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#2
If there's any specific lane/champion you want to ask about feel free.

Except Nunu/Cait. If you run into Nunu Cait you need to call for ganks early and often. Think of that lane like you would Mordekaiser/Darius. If you don't camp it early it there's nothing you can do 1 on 1. It eventually snowballs.
Realo won gold at the Sex Olympics with a BROKEN FRIGGIN NECK.-Voltch

User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#3
What's the ruling on Nami in the support world? Gimme the pros, cons, counters, and the like if you can please.
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User Info: Ganon19

4 years ago#4
Anthony Davis is a bust
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#5
Stop taking Q first on Soraka. You think you're being super clever with it, but it's just annoying. Really, the only way you're actually going to be doing more with Q level 1 than E is if your opponents are brain dead idiots.

User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#6
1.That's false my friend. Very false. If you take E on Soraka level 1 I will trade with you all day at level 1 and there's nothing you can do but get zoned out. Me and several others are maxing Q on Soraka and playing her more aggressive and the results are significantly better than old Max W/E Soraka and sit back.

Your strategies work because most people have no idea how to trade bottom lane. It's the last skill people learn but the most valuable outside of "last hitting creeps". Also, Q makes getting double golems very easy.

2.Nami is either the best support or the worst depending on if you can land your Q. If you land Q you're the best support in the world because Nami's trade damage is through the roof. Don't land Q and you're pretty much boned. She needs a few buffs to her mana costs and cooldowns as well.
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User Info: EcchiBaka

4 years ago#7
Which supports counter the mighty Blitzcrank?
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:3 Ecchi Reader (I <3 Kotegawa-san!!!)

User Info: sequeezey

4 years ago#8
Actually, I was wondering which ADCs and support work the best together.

I know there are the obvious ones like Graves and Taric/Leona
but what are some others that just synch well?
I've been playing around with Leona and MF. If MF starts ulting as soon as Leona lands her E she can just chain stun and keep him/them stuck for the whole duration, usually leading to a kill.

Who works well with the other popular AD carries though?
Ez I usually run Sona or Lulu because of the pokes
Corki... no idea.

Please give a little insight as to why they're good too, not just the duo and that's all. Nunu/Cait I see all the time, but I think they're playing it wrong because it doesn't really work all that well. What's the secret there?
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User Info: RyokoWins

4 years ago#9
Leona and Taric make Nunu cry.
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User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#10
Okay, I'll ask some questions.

First, who are the best supports for Kog'maw, what counters that lane matchup, and why? Kog'Maw is my main ADC, and I still haven't been able to piece together what lanes will give me trouble, or even what supports I want most.

Second, same question, but for Twitch? Someone I play with often has Twitch as his main ADC, and I want to know how to best support him.

Third, recently when someone I play with often is ADC and I am left to support instead of a role I prefer, I have taken to being non-standard support characters, like Warwick. Does this only work because I have good communication with my ADC, know his playstyle, and am against equally low ELO players who can't handle something unusual, or am I stumbling onto actually viable options?

Thank you for your time.
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