Season 3 Darius Guides

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User Info: RedZaraki

4 years ago#1
Where? Are? They?

And please no Mobafire. 1500 ELO for the top guide? REALLY?

User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#2
In lane, get 5 stacks on enemy, ult + ignite, you win.
In teamfights, E -> Q -> W -> ult -> ult -> ult -> ult - ult, you win.
gibe moni pls

User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#3
Nothing really changed. Grab a Black Cleaver, otherwise same.
~{Always Sleeping}~

User Info: DJ_Limes

4 years ago#4
I always like to build tanky, because your ult does true damage.
DJLimes gamertag/Lol
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User Info: _RaveMaster_

4 years ago#5
He hasn't changed much since S2 and uses roughly the same items.

-Black cleaver (kind of core)
-Phage (Core)
-Hexdrinker(kind of core)
-BT(nt rly unless you want to glass cannon)

mix and match those items as needed, there are some situationals not included. Gameplay is the same as S2 watch some Dyrus streams he plays Darius fairly well.
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