Another "which champion" thread....

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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#11
TC, you don't really need runes to play akali.

Just make do with the dorans items.

I used to build this b4 Lv 20-

Doran's Blade

First back- Boots 3/ Amp Tome/Revolver/Kages

Second Back- Rabadons/ Gunblade, selling the dorans

Then build whatever you want.
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User Info: trunks76140

4 years ago#12
kirbyakaZ posted...
Try Singed. He's a tank, still does good damage, and his whole job is to flip someone while running around poisoning them with his gas, and a good Singed can easily splitpush with a team mate, tank a tower, then make any enemy who tries to get him regret it with his annoying gas.

Also, what I believe:

SoraOwnsAll posted...
From: trunks76140 | #001
First, I'm only level 10

Play whatever the **** appeals to you.

Meant is "Does Akili look cool? Play her. Does Karthus? Play him." just try champs out, don't be afraid. Especially while they are on free week!

I've looked at Singed and am not sure he's for me... While I wouldn't mind some defensive things (due to the cautious aggressive thing) I really want to try to stay away from tanks. I have Cho'Gath already and find him fun and kind of similar to that "tank with good damage" (love his ult and popup will kill caster minions in like 1-hit...) but I'm wanting to try something new and more towards the "melt your face" side than "good damage" side.

Also, I kind of figured that that was what he meant... but the attitude... I'm def trying champs out, especially free week ones, but it's nice to have lists and know people to watch out for that fit what you're looking for.

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#13
Save up for Darius.

Play Darius.
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User Info: trunks76140

4 years ago#14
Susan0 posted...
TC, you don't really need runes to play akali.

Just make do with the dorans items.

I was actually kind of half toying with the idea of finding an alt build to use her... I mean the guides are nice and all but they are written for level 30 and one thing I quickly learned is nothing is set in stone. But considering my "still learning" thing and the massive amount of things I was kinda putting it on the backburner.

Tell you what I'd really like to find though... an out of game version of the in-game item shop. But I don't mean lists like on some sites, I mean like a full on copy where it shows what something is built from and what you can build with that item and the like.

User Info: kirbyakaZ

4 years ago#15
TC, try Anivia. She's a tanky burst champ that is best played mid.

Also, helpful links:
This site has okay guides, and a list of all the items.
This site usually has better guides.
This site has lots of trivia and nice useful information like exactly how much scaling an ability has.
This TOTALLY FREE program lets you change the "recommended items" page into whatever you want! However, you really shouldn't use it much until you understand items better as being able to counter build is key on many champs.
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