Dunno who it was, but someone on this board said Graves wasn't a good adc anymre

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  3. Dunno who it was, but someone on this board said Graves wasn't a good adc anymre

User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#11
Really? I still think Graves is top tier. His kit is really solid. Not much has changed since S2, if you think about it. He's just less flavorful.

Smokescreen is one of the best abilities in the game.
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User Info: kirbymuncher

4 years ago#12
g-cube_masta posted...
and I still think he's broken. Not as a whole, just smokescreen.

this so hard

smokescreen is the dumbest skill in the entire game and it should be either massively changed or outright removed

User Info: Habnot

4 years ago#13
yo guys look at me I'mma just run around an...SMOKESCREEN KARTH ULT NOCT ULT

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User Info: Vrindlvine

4 years ago#14
Cant believe i stopped eating my lunch to respond to this. Smokescreen is not that good people please stop acting like its amazing. I thought it was good then i found out people are revealed when they attack you from outside the smoke. Thats just silly its like riot doesnt actually know how concealment works. Life isnt Cod you dont get red arrows pointing to where your taking damage from. At least im pretty sure humans dont have that...

Its just an aoe slow the blind is useless against good skillshots users because they will just hit you anyways. It is pgood against people like ryze tho but since riot loves skillshots it doesnt mean much.
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User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
4 years ago#15
Quickly became the worst poster on this board.

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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#16
He's possibly balanced now.

Which means nobody cares about him anymore.
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User Info: Hell0nEarth

4 years ago#17
Kirbix posted...
Fenrir the Wolf posted...

This. Graves now properly fits his niche among carries instead of being flat out better than most of them.


Quantum field theory indeed.
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  3. Dunno who it was, but someone on this board said Graves wasn't a good adc anymre

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