Kennen is a viable ADC.

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User Info: S84_The_Patch

4 years ago#41
A word from someone who has done it from 50+ games.
ADC Kennen is fun, yes, and can be good in lane if played right, but later into the game is where he starts to dull. His steroid isn't that good, it's like Cait without the range and worse. He doesn't do well under pressure in big fights either, he has average (550) AA range, and he can't kite while using his escape, since he cant Auto while in Dash. His ult is good early and midgame from bases, but only is good for stuns later in the game, and it only stuns once for 1 second not calculating in CC. You can keep using your skills to try to chain stuns but it costs you DPS.
Oh and lawd help you if you build Runaan's on him.
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User Info: Dottled

4 years ago#42
plasmatic5 posted...

Did this bother anyone else? Probably more? It's a very simple check. The fact that you didn't quickly check it (or just know it off-hand) really doesn't bode well for how good you are at AD Kennen. Also, you're wrong. Both have 1 spell that scale with AD, but Ashe's is 1 to 1 and Kennen's is not. Also, Ashe's passive technically scales with AD since it gives her crit chance and crits scale with AD. So Ashe has more abilities than Kennen that scale with AD.

It probably didn't bother anyone else because they realised that I meant probably more ad carries, not more of Kennen's abilities. I'm aware that Ashe's passive scales with AD but Ashe's passive is terrible so I didn't mention it.

He's incredible at kiting because with triforce and his stuns the enemy will never get close, and if they do then you can E away and start again.

Lawd help all these people crapping on Hurricane without realising how good it is on Kennen. You activate your W's passive every 2nd auto attack. That's a 180% AA every 2nd AA (before resistances) plus the normal damage portion of your attack can crit on top of that. The attack speed still helps you proc it faster and hence proc stuns much faster also.

Obviously it's only working to its full potential if your target is amongst others, so that's why I wouldn't buy it every game.

I like how everyone has ROFL'd at hurricane and my build but has shut up when it's come to explaining what's wrong with it/the build.
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User Info: Price_Of_Fame

4 years ago#43
I was going to agree to some extent, but TC is rather obnoxious tbh.

adc kennen sux
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User Info: Dottled

4 years ago#44
Meh I'm not obnoxious, I just don't like it when I provide reasoning for my ideas then people just shut them down with 'rofl no' showing that they don't actually know why they disagree.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#45

why are you building triforce

if you were doing this with an IE build at least you'd be doing damage.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#46
It actually isn't bad. Just forget about owning an entire team with an ult and pretend like it is a defensive measure. Someone gets close to Kennen? Ult and anyone chasing him is stunned. Pretty funny to see happen, I saw one just completely destroy a team by kititng and stunning people. Add in a Leona support and you have stuns for days. Not saying it is the ultimate set up, but it is hilarious seeing an AD just destroy people and stunning anyone close to him.
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User Info: mrg59

4 years ago#47
Don't forget about yolo queue teammates. You can't always expect them to even remotely try to keep the adc safe. Kennen's ult is also great defensively (as an adc). Naut hook landed, blitz grab, mumy grab, darius pull, etc etc etc. It's my same philosophy as barrier > ignite in yolo queue.

Its always better to assume your teammates suck then go defensive and have them turn out good, than to assume they are good then build offensive and have them turn out terrible.

User Info: SirDanieI

4 years ago#48
W8 i thought Ruunaans synergises pretty bad with kennen's E. I thought you couldn't determine which of the three attacks would get the bonus dmg. Am I wrong?
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User Info: Dottled

4 years ago#49
g-cube_masta posted...

why are you building triforce

if you were doing this with an IE build at least you'd be doing damage.

I usually do build IE if it gets far enough, which admittedly isn't often. But I build TF mainly for the Phage and Zeal components because the slow and AS/MS synergises well with his MotS procs for better kiting.

The extra health on an early phage means I can forego a Dblade and because you'll be building more attack speed than usual, but without PD, you don't need quite so much crit chance so the amount on TF is enough.

I agree that IE would give him higher damage overall, but TF gives him effects which greatly increase his kiting power and hence survivability, and the sheen proc gives him quite bursty damage for the mid-game since his base AD is quite reasonable. His stuns (including ult) give him a dominant presence in laning and so it's definitely better to play him in an aggressive botlane and try to shut down the opposing carry before they can snowball themselves through farm alone.

Obviously the mana is wasted so the itemisation isn't perfect. I still amen't used to all the new items in S3 so I'm by no means saying it's a perfect build, but it works.

SirDaniel, hurricane makes him generate stacks much faster, but the bonus damage is only ever applied to your main target.

As others have said, I would say that Kennen works best as a solo-queue carry as he has the same kind of kiting power and escaping power as Ezreal. Is he as good as Ez? Hmm, no probably not. But if the enemy team picked Ez in champ select then I wouldn't hesitate in picking Kennen to face him.
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