So out of curiosity, why aren't we getting any guides for this game?

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  3. So out of curiosity, why aren't we getting any guides for this game?

User Info: Flame_Hazard

5 years ago#101
Gamefaqs lacks pictures. I come here for guides only when the guidance I need is simple instruction, for games like Dark Souls, or Zelda games. I must admit, I never once even looked in the FAQ section for this game because I simply assumed better info for a competitive game like this would be on a site dedicated to it.

As previous posts have stated, lolpro and solomid are better for it. They've got embedded mastery pages, ability charts, skill icons that show what they do on mouseover and all that. Very convenient stuff.

All that aside, I think one of the biggest factors for me is credibility. Guides on the other sites get likes/dislikes, ratings, featured, approved by site admins and all that. I'd have no idea what I was getting from a guide posted here, and the only way to find out if a comment pointed out that a guide was terrible would be coming to this extremely fast moving board and hoping to stumble across a thread about it.

So basically, when it's impossible to get things wrong, and the guidance comes down to simply knowing what to do or not knowing, gamefaqs is the first place I look. League is too subjective. I need to know the guide is coming from someone who probably knows wth they're doing. There's more of those guys elsewhere in my experience.

At the end of the day though, I still visit gamefaqs more than any other site. Just not actually for the FAQs, generally.
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User Info: LeSituasian

5 years ago#102
Kirbix posted...
LeSituasian posted...
Because GameFAQs was made in the 90's and it hasn't changed since to keep up with the times. I used to come to GameFAQs for guides because it was the go to, I could find all my gaming needs on it. On my 56k I didn't really have time to download pictures and stuff.

Now it's easier to go to google and type in "x champ guide" or "how to beat x level guide on x game."

Get up to date with the times GameFAQs then ask this question again. The only reason I even bother still coming is because of Karma. If you guys took that away I would have disappeared years ago.

I'm sure trends on GameFAQs have changed tremendously, and there are probably less registrations than back in the day, and the majority of current message board viewers are older people who have been here for years.

edit: then again I never contributed any guides in the first place really. Still however, there are so many better websites

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  3. So out of curiosity, why aren't we getting any guides for this game?

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