Gangplank enters a bar

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User Info: Tekutso

4 years ago#1
He has a steering wheel coming out of his pants.

The bartender says uh, hey gangplank, you know theres a steering wheel coming out of your pants right.

Gangplank replies, Argh i know matey, its drivin me nuts.
"Every man is guilty of all the good he didnt do"~Voltaire

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#2
Come on, man.
You feelin' froggy, jump.

User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#3
Love it.
PH1R57 1'lL G37 73H 7R345Ur3, 4nD 7h3N 1'lL G37 JoO.

User Info: adept89

4 years ago#4
You can do better, Veggeta.
Human beings are just so damn interesting!

User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#5
Good stuff. Reminds me of bad joke eel.
GT: hawkeye2188

User Info: PKMNsony

4 years ago#6
I laughed.

User Info: _Gamer_Of_Time_

4 years ago#7
"What an idiot." - L This sig dedicated to: ShinyGible7
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User Info: dakotah1978

4 years ago#8
PKMNsony posted...
I laughed.
"This is a quote wherein someone self owned." -Someone

User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#9
_Gamer_Of_Time_ posted...

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#10
9/10 would read again
"I read this as a Bannanable Offense. I was like, what ksing with Soraka?"-Kirby 1207
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