New PBE patch notes 1/9/2013

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User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#41
Although I doubt this nerf sticks. Amumu's didn't, and Ryze's giant Q nerf is now gone.

Are we going to use this rationalization with every nerf that shows up on PBE now? Those two champion changes came earlier in the cycle. We are now closer to this patch going live, that suggests they have a better idea what they are going for. And we're talking about Evelynn, the perma-banned bane of solo queue. Ryze and Amumu don't force top and bottom lane to buy pink wards if they ever want to step off their tower and not die.
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User Info: Darkemaste

5 years ago#42
That isn't really a health buff to Eve per-se, they are simply reverting from what they had posted from tha patch notes from like 2 weeks ago. Her Q scaling is also getting reverted from a more recent patch note update.

I know her ult was nerfed not too long ago, but doing this is essentially turning her ult into a mere instant AoE hate spike+health shield used on anyone on low health. (presumably at around 30% health)

Ffs I'de rather they re-nerf the DFG instead of removing the only actual burst from an assassin, especially since they also nerfed her E by 40 base damage.
(having around 680ap only boosts her ults % max health damage by 6%btw)

If they do decide to change it to % current health instead of % max health, they better at least give her a much better health shield to compensate (and perhaps buff W) because god knows she'll need it just to be able to escape back to base.

Does no one else think it's absurd that an item that anyone can buy does more % health damage than an ap assassins lvl3 ult on anyone 70% health or lower?

Not too mention DFG only has a 60 second cooldown compared to Agony's Embrace's 160/120/80.

Serious WTF.

Edit~ I would like to note though, that Kayle's new skin is awesome.
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User Info: plasmatic5

5 years ago#43
The WotA change intrigues me. I use spellvamp masteries and runes for Kennen so that I don't have to buy a WotA, but this honestly will change that if it builds from Kage's. I'll probably still use masteries/runes but I'll probably get WotA after Large Rod item (usually Hourglass)
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User Info: Knight_Of_Order

5 years ago#44
Voidgolem posted...
From: Knight_Of_Order | #014
Voidgolem posted...
dat Eve nerf :D

dat Thresh nerf :(

dat WotA/Liandry/Banner/Wraith Collar buff O.o

I wouldnt really call the Liandrys change a "buff"

More health.

Y'know what counters AD caster burst?


Less AP

Y'know, what makes mages able to kill things?

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User Info: orcus_snake

5 years ago#45
Now I can play Eve as people will stop banning her, she will still be a monster.
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User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#46
Finally they nerfed that crazy terror mid who is known as Annie

User Info: Inkblot

5 years ago#47
BoomerangRanger posted...
Yes, buff kat, she's not broken enough. >_>

It's a Kat nerf except for her lvl 1 W /
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#48
From: Knight_Of_Order | #044
Less AP

Y'know, what makes mages able to kill things?


10 AP.

there are very few mids that still have 1:1 ratios on their spells, so at best you're looking at another 8 or 9 damage per-spell after deathcap.

Versus another 100 hp, which basically means you can take another bloodthirster's worth of AD damage before armor ("I'm a mage I don't have armor!" - everyone has armor per level. And despite the hyperbole Cleaver is not going to negate all of it unless you heinously fed the other guy)

but hey.
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User Info: Nobo

5 years ago#49
Ad casters currently king **** in the meta
Nerf every ap item.
Good job riot.
Too bad DRKs can't cast Absorb skill Mr. No Skill. -Kamih

User Info: TheTrueAmerican

5 years ago#50
Oh boy another unmasked kayle skin. Riot should keep the helmet on her.
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