dem eve nerfs

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User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#11
Darkemaste posted...
The sad part is that people are still going to cry about her because her roaming isn't effected at all with all these nerfs.

And then they realize how awful they were/are when many other assassins actually have a full kit focused entirely on significant burst damage instead of just 2 situational abilities, (one of which being an ult with a high cd) a sustained damage (aka weak) spell that barely leaves her outside melee range, and a sprint.

Just notice all the people are now crying about Kha/Talon now that they aren't looking at Eve. :s

/inb4 Riot nerfs every assassin

Do you even know what you're saying. Like you literally say people are gonna cry about Eve but not because of her kit BUT HERE LOOK HERE AS I QQ ABOUT HER KIT.

Kha deserves nerfs if they aren't gonna change itemization in S3. Talon is pathetic.
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