Why isn't Blitz being nerfed

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User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#51
He should be nerfed and deleted from the game along with Leona and Nunu
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User Info: Salvatore

4 years ago#52
From: Bhellium | #040
Chisuka posted...
AK47plz posted...
^ Winrates don't matter, yo.

Anyway, I think he should be nerfed but Idk how to do that without making him useless. He's such a huge threat to the adc bot lane, he zones really really hard and makes you lose cs just by sitting in a bush. Also, what's more annoying is that if the blitz feels like initiating bot, he just goes full herp derp mode and runs past all your minions to pull you, and you're basically praying he doesn't grab you. A lucky blitz grab can easily win the game instantly for his team, and there's no drawback to initiating with a grab. If he misses it, oh well, he can try again in 20 seconds. But if he hits it, even if it's the only one he's hit all game, you make the fight instantly 4v5. It's kinda ridiculous.

Or he can pull in the Amumu and instantly lose the game for his team ^^

even if that wasn't ridiculously exaggerated who the hells grabs amumu?

Who the hell gets grabbed as a carry?

If you can dodge a grab, then you can intercept a grab. The very presence of Amumu standing in front of the carries can deny Blitzcrank his engage entirely.
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User Info: RoyMaster4

4 years ago#53
If enemy goes Blitz, I'll go Leona or Taric and laugh. Or maybe even Thresh.
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User Info: RyuForce

4 years ago#54
Hey guys, least you have CC, minions, and even flash/similar skills to escape Blitzcrank should he or his teammate fail to kill you while your stunned.

In Super Monday Night Combat, the Veteran is everything Blitzcrank does but worse. In a game where CC stuns only happen though grapples, this guy can pull you across the map, then proceed to stun lock you though three stuns while during this time he and you take less damage only from other people. This ends up helping him more as it's harder for you to be saved. Last, if you somehow avoid dieing during this time, he can just melee you to death. What do you got to counter grapple lock? Not getting close to anyone. What can he do? Pull you in close.

Yeah, because of this, I just smile to blitzs and let him beat the crap out of me. Sure he may kill me with his combo but at least I don't have to put the controller/keyboard down for five seconds while he proceeds to chain stun after stun. Just saying.

Edit: Plus, as stated above, there are people that can counter the grab plays like Amumu where in SMNC, you don't even want the tanky characters to be hit.
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User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#55
Anyone claiming that they can always dodge Blitz's grab is an idiot. Here is a shocker. ***** happens and you are fighting real, experienced, people who KNOW how to use Blitz well and exploit that fact. Your opponents aren't bots or n00bs (at least not always). The fact that things don't always go perfect is the reason why the computer still manages to get kills in bot games.

Now, as for Blitz, his grab itself can't be nerfed, but maybe the silence removed? Or give his knock-up punch a 2-3 sec cooldown after a grab to give people at least a CHANGE to escape?
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Master Of The Dead 4 years ago#56
Nothing about Blitz needs to be nerfed. If they were to do anything to him, it would have to be a re-work.
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User Info: TheDarxHero

4 years ago#57
He isnt OP at all, just avg as pretty much all champs. Only a few champs I'd actually consider OP and they deserve to be narfed down: Teemo, Darius and Fizz.
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User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
4 years ago#58
TheDarxHero posted...
He isnt OP at all, just avg as pretty much all champs. Only a few champs I'd actually consider OP and they deserve to be narfed down: Teemo, Darius and Fizz.

Oh no! It's Idiot power!

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#59
Blitz counters noob squishies. Anyone with half a brain will use minions for protection and sacrifice a few last hits to dodge the hook. If you know you're against him, start boots for both the carry and the support. Suddenly, no grabs can connect and Blitz is useless.
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#60
You guys do realize that Blitz forcing you to play differently is what makes him OP, right? It's like competitive...........everything.
Garchomp and Salamence in Pokemon were the same thing. For example, your team in the Garchomp phase was Garchomp, a Garchomp counter, a Garchomp check, then three other pokemon. Same thing with Salamence. It's not healthy for the game at all. Not saying Blitz is as powerful or overwhelming, but it's the same concept. You can dance around it all you want, but eventually someone will screw up and game over, all off one move.
Dark Phoenix in Vanilla MvC3. You can do everything right, but if you screw up at all and she gets 5 bars, you might as well quit, on top of all the person using her had to do was play the game nearly normally, while you had to waste resources to get her in.
There's other examples, but you guys should get the point.
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