I'm starting to find Riot's obsession with Asia disturbing

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  3. I'm starting to find Riot's obsession with Asia disturbing

User Info: darkestmerc

4 years ago#111
There are many champions you could make that are black.

It doesn't matter what their skin colour is. You could make a black champion who wields a flail and fights as an ultimate Noxian soldier lore-wise. Or make one with a gunblade and say he is from Pitlover.

There is absolutely no reason why they cannot make more brown and black champions. Skin colour would have no effect whatsoever on their role, skills or viability. It MAY have an effect on their lore, but that's about it.
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User Info: pkmn_legend

4 years ago#112
Green Lantern or bust!
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User Info: chicostick

4 years ago#113
Savra104 posted...

Otherwise, it's pretty normal for a game to feature asian culture and stereotypes. Even western ones. People just find others from across the big pond interesting.

This is almost true. Most of the jrpgs that I play have a western design (castles, swords, shields, armor, etc). They are made by japanese developers and the art are from japanese artists.

Only certain jrpgs (that I know of) have a Japanese overall design ( like the Persona series).

Come to think of it, even the modern (PS1-2) FFs are like that. Cloud is Blonde, Squall brown hair, Zidane Blonde again, Tidus Blonde also o.O

User Info: JollyBuda

4 years ago#114
I actually really liked the look of Tabu, too bad he was cancelled and reworked into Swain
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#115
I give this topic an 8/10 on the trollometer, look at all those responses.
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User Info: hi_standard

4 years ago#116
Everyone facing and admitting the inner yellow fever within then is the first step to progress
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  3. I'm starting to find Riot's obsession with Asia disturbing

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