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User Info: jonlaw101

4 years ago#181
I have an idea. A real time guide. That anyone can edit at any moment. Unmoderated.
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User Info: MakJuss

4 years ago#182
OmfgitsBlah posted...
FAQs do not work for this game.

The game is in continual flux, with champions and items being buffed, nerfed and altered constantly. Season 3 displayed this most prominently with dozens of item changes and stat nerfs and buffs. An FAQ is too static, unless maintained by the writer, and if it is not maintained by the writer, it needs to be removed.

A Wiki page or build suggestion ranking system that all can participate in would be far more suited to giving information about champions.

Not only this game but MOBA genre.

Wiki page ? Yes , but dont give contributor to all people.

User Info: OTACON120

4 years ago#183 are we ignoring the fact that a Wiki already exists here, then? One that has existed for quite some time?
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User Info: Shiranui777

4 years ago#184
Yea, I mean its a cool idea Allen, but a huge issue comes around with every game update and patch, that being not everyone seems to update their guides constantly. That annie guide on the faq is from 2010.

I think the wiki page idea would work better since there could be more people to do it instead of one guy needing to update info alot. Just make some restrictions to prevent vandalism. Finding some way to deal with updates should make the whole champ faq idea work.
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User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#185
OTACON120 posted... are we ignoring the fact that a Wiki already exists here, then? One that has existed for quite some time?

The number of things that people have complained for but that have existed for months already is staggering.
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User Info: SBAllen

4 years ago#186
This open forum idea was apparently a bad idea as despite my asking more than once, I can't get all the people who think this is a bad idea to stop spamming this topic. Going forward with the next batch, I'll just make a closed topic and ask for feedback in some other way. The few ruining things for the many, I guess.

None of any of the stuff posted since my last post let me know if there was a reason not to give the bounty for the Amumu guide out or not.
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