Jungle Trundel

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User Info: GreenBay11

4 years ago#1
Is he worth it or any good?
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User Info: __Probably__

4 years ago#2
Great at ganking overextended side lanes, "meh" at ganking mid, wonderful jungler if the enemy has a bad early game jungler like Amumu/Naut that he can walk in on and eat. His ult also destroys one tanks defensive stats, so if they have one tank ult him and watch him die.
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User Info: Kishoru

4 years ago#3
Oh, and he can easily 1v1 most other junglers.
She's a few cards short of a full deck: a joker in the game, ooh.
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User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#4
Anivia Trundle combo duo-quene op.

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