Are there any champs you consider blatantly OP?

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  3. Are there any champs you consider blatantly OP?

User Info: plasmatic5

4 years ago#51
I'm honestly surprised not many people are saying Ryze. He's been broken ever since they changed him a year or 2 ago. They honestly should just change it to where he scales with current mana and make his costs go up some. His CDs are also stupid broken, but one thing at a time.
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User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#52
Darius in the early games when he only has to fight one champ but in the late game, he's pretty much a big meatshield for his teammates.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#53

User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#54
darius, akali, pre-nerf diana, kat(when no hard cc)
these are not OP, just snowball like crazy. need to shut them down.

amunu, cho'gath and singed - once have few items and kills are impossible to kill. seriously it takes the whole team to kill these 3, even then they have a good chance of escaping. always see amunu, singed players legendary, cho's who land ruptures always hit legendary and god like.

maybe adcs late game can be annoying.

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#55
I'd say Teemo. He's the only champ I've had any trouble with since the start of S3. Liandry's shrooms and full AP is insane. Either you don't oracle sweep and Teemo gets 4 pentas, or you do and waste a buggery load of gold only to die from a fed Teemo's team.
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  3. Are there any champs you consider blatantly OP?

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