Moscow Five dropping LoL team

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User Info: Gladiator28

4 years ago#1

Translate the page, and enjoy.
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User Info: ssj98_gotenks

4 years ago#2
are they gone gone or are they picked up by someone

User Info: Sharzakenator

4 years ago#3
I got so much love I don't know where to put it

User Info: braiel91

4 years ago#4
well at least they're getting paid by riot so they don't need a sponsor

User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#5
M5 drops the team, not that M5 players drop LoL, guys.

M5 will live, under different name and different sponsor

User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#6
EDIT: Oh, it looks like M5 is dropping them because they don't have the funds to keep up, what with their CEO in jail and all.

Good thing Curse, CLG, Azubu, and Na'Vi are looking for an EU team, then.
I sense a disturbance in the force.
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User Info: PKMNsony

4 years ago#7
Eh, just a name. As long as the team sticks together it's all good.

User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#8
Looks like I'm buying them for 5 dollars, that way I can take their sponsor money.
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User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#9
CheezWhizX posted...
Good thing CLG

I know CLGEU is now some other team (likely EvilGeniuses) but they can't have M5 -> CLGEU... That's not right. Especially considering the rivalry.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#10
pretty strong rumors that Na'Vi will be the ones picking them up.
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