Fun/Good AP mids?

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User Info: kirbyakaZ

4 years ago#11
Veigar for 100-0ing any AP champ on the enemy team, tons of fun and rewarding to do.

Karthus ult gives so much rage.

Fizz trollpoll is hilarious and he is just a blast to play in general.

Anivia is a very relaxing champ to play, I honestly don't feel any pressure whenever I play as her, no matter how either of our teams are doing.
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User Info: marceloxlr

4 years ago#12
The lack of Kat/annie/Kennen in this topic is sad.
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User Info: hollowichi1931

4 years ago#13
Personal suggestions: Syndra, Orianna, Ahri, Xerath, and maybe Fizz if you're into that sort of thing.

Syndra is my favourite champion at the moment, for three reasons. 1.) I got her on release date (when she was the second champion released). 2.) She has the single highest burst damage at level 6 in the entire game. And 3.) She has an AOE slow, AOE stun, and a kit that actually is new and different than most other champions.

Which brings me to Orianna. I have been told by people that Orianna is essentially a better Syndra. I have been told that her play style is somewhat similar, her utility is better, and she is useful the entirety of the game. I personally like her, but prefer Syndra more.

Ahri is fun. She is different than a lot of common mids at the moment, mainly because her burst is pathetic. She does, however have insane sustained damage. Her damage comes from hitting several people at the same time with True damage. You press "E" and have someone slowly walk over to your team, followed by them getting "Q"-ed and losing about a fifth of their health on the way out, and a quarter on the way back. You then activate your "W" and Triple ult into them and guess what? Dead. Ahri is a lot of fun.

From my own perspective, I find Xerath to be secret-OP. When played correctly, he can instantly kill the ADC without being seen because he's hitting the enemy from the fog of war. You lockdown behind a wall. Wait for the adc to walk into range (which isn't too hard, you have 1000+ range on all of your spells when you lock down). Congratulations, the enemy ADC is now dead.

Don't get me wrong Fizz players, I like Fizz, but I find him... boring. You hop on your staff and you take no damage. You hop OFF of your staff and you deal tons of damage. You can insta-burst almost anyone in the game with the exception of maybe Galio. He is honestly a very strong mid-laner. I however do not like him. He reminds me of Katarina with the whole jump in, instantly kill the enemy team and then hop out. He is actually kind of similar to Kassadin, so you might like him if you like Kassadin.
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User Info: Unit1027

4 years ago#14
Kirbix posted...
From: Jordo_d | #006



Yes do it do it!!!!!!!! Funnest champion ever

User Info: SubstituteZero

4 years ago#15
GT: Coprolith
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User Info: Jerba1232

4 years ago#16
Karma or Heimerdinger.

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User Info: MC RaZaR

4 years ago#17
Kat, Annie, Brand.
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User Info: OnslaughtOfGods

4 years ago#18
Gragas when you don't play him like a dumbass(me). His ult is very helpful, and his Q is fun to use ^_^
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User Info: Shiomaratsuka

4 years ago#19
For funsies:


Syndra / Veigar for similar reasons,



Basically any AP assassin will be found pretty fun generally.
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