Gangplank build

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User Info: shadowtemari

4 years ago#11
My build changed a bit but now i go: start fairy + boots or fairy + wards (wait for 5 gold) rush philo > belt > phage > warmog > trinity / IBG > situational.

If i go IBG phage becomes mallet and depending on how dumb my team mates are i either stay on the dps route PD IE ect. But recently i catch supports going ap and now and now build supportive (or ward at all so i tend to do that as well) in which case i go bulwark / FH.
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#12
My GP build looks like this:

Flask, Pots and Ward - I tend to sell it late game for a situational item.
Boots - Upgrade to Mercs/Tabi early on.
Avarice - Upgrade it to an Atma's later on.
Spirit Visage - I really like this item on GP, I do like to build Runic Bulwark if I can but usually the support and jungler takes care of it.

Tank is my favourite kind of 'Plank.

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