Explain why support Nunu is OP.

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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#11
Blood Boil alone is really good, especially for the ADCs that don't have a steroid on their own. If you combine that with his low CD slow, sustain in lane and a potentially devestating AOE ult in teamfights he is obviously one of the best supports out there. He works as an off-tank but still does relevant damage.
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User Info: 2ztir

4 years ago#12
snowball wins teamfights by itself

User Info: Zeeak4444

4 years ago#13
If a big point in your OP was the adc complaining if you q five times in lane then I think the issue is your are far too low a Elo (normal or ranked) to have someone capatilize on his benefits.
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User Info: xMikhalx

4 years ago#14
Let's see... His Q helps get double golems + dragon control + minor sustain in lane (yeah, adcs can cry, but if it saves you and helps you tank longer during fights, then by all means).

His W is a free PD without the crit, especially now that movement/attack speed is a bit harder to purchase.

His E lowers attack speed AND movement speed by 25%. That's more than a zerker greaves! GG ADC for 3 seconds.

His R is great zoning + damage if they don't use at least 1 stun on you.

User Info: Sinnthetic

4 years ago#15
This is an easy question.

W is essentially a Zeal or PD for himself and his ADC.
Snowball is a freaking mini Exhaust on a very short cooldown that is amazing for slowing enemies and lowering their attack speed. Combine the two and if anyone gets hit by a snowball theres a good chance they wont get away.

Flashing for snowballs at later levels is actually pretty legit, unless they have cleanse they wont be able to outrun a BB ADC and Nunu.
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  3. Explain why support Nunu is OP.

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