Guide to hit 1800+ Elo (90%+ win rate)

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User Info: MarioKartDavid

4 years ago#1

Play jungle pantheon, or have bot lane 1v2 running a jungler and a dual top lane

Start with machete / 4 hp / 1 mp

You + your top lane must be stronger than their top + jungler

Your top lane cannot be a weak passive top like malphite or other champions that does low damage at low level

The strat:

Blue side: start wolves then grab blue
Purple side: invade their blue, sit at top brush then go in at 1 35, can secure fb

After obtaining blue, head top lane and zone out the enemy top lane immediately and harass as much as possible with spear shot

By the time your top wave reaches their tower, you will be level 3 and your top lane will be close to 3, at this point there is kill potential if you poked enough, can consider diving, start with auto then spear, then stun, unless the top is somebody tanky like shen then it should be guaranteed kill

As you and your top is pushing top, 70% of the time their jungler will come top and help, however due to enemy top being zoned, you and your top laner will be considerably stronger and should win 100% of the encounter.

If their jungler does not react, continue to push to 2nd / 3rd / inhib

Your first buy should be around level 4 or after securing a kill and grab a long sword + 2 wards.

Your goal now is to continue to dominate top lane, if you and your top laner is stronger than their top and jungle, the game is as well yours.

The only method the enemy team can counteract this is have their mid lane roam top, however that will give mid lane dominance.

You should always buy 2-3 wards after every recall and mid and top lane to see if mid is going to react.

Your core build with this strat is to start brutalizer / red sightstone , anything else.

This works 90% of the time at low-mid elo range (1200-1800+) but it still requires you to make the right judgement even if you are to push mid until inhib, you will always have chance to gank top and bot while your top lane is fine as he would most likely be fed and way ahead of the enemy

User Info: nyhustler208

4 years ago#2
is this ur strat? whats ur ign?
"Let me demonstrate Hammer Diplomacy!" - POPPY
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User Info: DJ_Limes

4 years ago#3
I like jungle panth a lot, lemme try this strat out and ill get back to you
DJLimes gamertag/Lol
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User Info: MarioKartDavid

4 years ago#4
I'll give a update on once I do this 100 games
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