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User Info: Quelex

5 years ago#21
I wanted Foxfire Ahri...... V_V
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User Info: Deanyzy

5 years ago#22
I'll get Bruce Lee Sin and Glaive Panth, I may be tempted by Wukong and Amumu's skin as well.

User Info: Lord_Woobie

5 years ago#23
Tyrant Swain, you will be MINE.
On the field of honor, the gods bearing witness to my glory, I will pull your entrails through your eyes and use them as reins to ride your soul to hades below!

User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#24
Ehh...Might get the Lee Sin skin or Amumu skin. Only have enough for 1 and don't feel like buying RP.

User Info: DarkestPanda

5 years ago#25
From: ssj98_gotenks | #002
worst sale ever

User Info: TheGreenLuigi

5 years ago#26
may as well call this the "Tyrant Swain, Green Wukong and then a bunch of bad skins" sale
it's only as serious as you want it to be

User Info: SophieLuvsTofu

5 years ago#27


Look at how they changed the wording of the skin sale.
I thought we were getting brand new skins in the store.

I feel scammed I know I didn't even buy anything yet but w/e.

Buying morgana.
Thanks mignoncurieux!

User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
5 years ago#28
I don't get why you guys are saying this sale is bad. Tyrant Swain, Blackthorn Morg, Darkflame Shyv, and Sad Robot mummy are all great
And then John was a zombie.

User Info: Rawfury

5 years ago#29
From: zefig | #001

Guqin Sona 487 RP
Dragonblade Talon 487 RP
Dragon Fist Lee Sin 487 RP
Jade Dragon Wukong 487 RP
Heartseeker Vayne 487 RP
Fisherman Fizz 487 RP
Battle Bunny Riven 487 RP
Blackthorn Morgana 487 RP
Tyrant Swain 487 RP
Sad Robot Amumu 487 RP
Darkflame Shyvana 487 RP
Glaive Warrior Pantheon 487 RP

Oh and some champions I guess:
Fizz. 487 RP
Amumu 292 RP
Morgana 292 RP

Purchase secured. Otherwise disappointed.
Summoner : Kuroeien

User Info: Doom2006

5 years ago#30
No Full Metal Jayce?

Come on :|
"Deadly Premonition is the worst game I have ever played. Vampire Rain was better than this."- Arucard06

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