If you were forced to choose 3 mids to play all the time, who would they be?

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  3. If you were forced to choose 3 mids to play all the time, who would they be?

User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#21
Malzahar, Viktor, Mordekaiser.

Screw escape, us manly men push the hell out of the lane and get murdered by a roaming champ.

User Info: marceloxlr

4 years ago#22
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User Info: steamwr4p

4 years ago#23
Cass, Syndra & Karthus
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

4 years ago#24
Veigar - I've been maining him sense level 15, no one can out do his burst.

Karthus - my first champion, tons of fun and his ult will make your enemies rage and if you somehow did bad in lane, his ult is always relevant with just one or two items.

Either Anivia or Fizz. I love playing Fizz, but honestly he is more fun as an AD top to me for some reason, and I usually do well up top with him. Anivia is just the most relaxing champ to play in the game I think.
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User Info: RunesCall

4 years ago#25
I'll definitely pick Lux or Ahri as one of my main mids, considering I feel that I perform the best at that role with them and they can just bring so much to the team if played well. I guess Orianna or Morgana would be tied for the "second" champion that I would choose to master secondary because I do like their champions, but, they don't appeal as much as the first ones that I've listed. The "third" champion I would pick would be either Talon or Fizz, since I do want to get use to playing some sort of assassin role that just goes in and burst people down. That's my list of preferences.
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User Info: PraetorianGhost

4 years ago#26
Cho'Gath because gentleman skin
Veigar because of santa skin
Malzahar because can't touch dis
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User Info: Frostshock

4 years ago#27
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User Info: aleksazen

4 years ago#28
mordekaiser kassadin ryze
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User Info: SyxxPakk6

4 years ago#29
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#30
Cho'Gath for his tons of good matchups mid and so you have a tanky utility option.

Twisted Fate for early game ganking and overall snowball control.

Ahri for a safe high damage burst carry. She's the one you pick if your team is really heavy AD.
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  3. If you were forced to choose 3 mids to play all the time, who would they be?

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