So how exactly do I get better at this game?

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  3. So how exactly do I get better at this game?

User Info: haku10

4 years ago#1
Im taking a break from fighting games and decided to play this since a lot of my friends play it.

Thing is, its hard for me to tell if Im actually getting better or not. I could do awesome one game because I have teammates that have good teamwork, but then the next game ill have a Graves that doesnt speak english and goes top to help his other non-english speaking friend which leaves me bottom to support minions.

Most stuff like map awareness and laning matchups I know ill get over time, but the stuff im not exactly sure about is objective type stuff. Like when and where I should be warding, when I should be going for certain objectives, and other stuff like that. Sometimes I have no idea what to do so I just run around like an idiot or go back to base empty handed.

User Info: Vnfemmefatalis

4 years ago#2
You learn to lead a team.
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User Info: Iravention94

4 years ago#3
Make some friends. Sounds like youre problem is randoms not cooperating
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User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#4
Thats why people watch streams of pro players. Decision making is a big part of the game; when to do what, when to go for certain objectives, when to push and when not to, etc.
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  3. So how exactly do I get better at this game?

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