Akali vs Talon

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User Info: GoldenFantasy

4 years ago#1
Mid lane, if that matters

I (Akali) was afraid of being burst down by talon, so I bought chainmail my first back. Was this a good idea? One of my teammates said I do little damage (duh) and that he's never seen an akali play like this.

Was it a good idea to counter build or should I have just built standard?
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#2
Against talon armor is definitely a good choice but you may have went the wrong way about it. First of all you want revolver for sure.

Once you have revolver this is how you can win a lot of lanes with Akali:

Force a powerful trade, whether you come out on top (ideal and usually a stomp matchup), even (most of the time) or even behind (within reason) you back off, and then heal up with revolver, then do it again and again and again.

Take the time to heal up though and make sure you have 3-4 health pots every base as well as just spell vamp isn't enough.

By doing this repeatedly you both lose and regain health but Akali's passive spellvamp + high damage in general let's her heal up more efficiently.

Against any resource champion this cripples them in their second bar. In the case of Talon, eventually (even with Flask) he will go oom and be forced to base for mana or start losing trades massively because he can't afford the mana to continue trading with you.

Once you have revolver if he's going for a brutalizer (likely) and he was doing a good bit of damage to you, you can delay your cutlass/gunblade and get a Giant's Belt in lane phase. This will later be either Warmog's or Rylai's. If you want some armor too get Ninja Tabi. From here finish Gunblade and either get Rylai's or go for Deathcap and then you can finish the belt into Warmog's (vs. mixed damage teams) or Rylai's (vs. kitey teams that are fast or have many escapes).

The reason I say giant's belt is because it is better for the big trade back off to heal strategy I mentioned. It also synergizes with Akali's W because it gives you armor and mres which makes the health you bought worth more for each point (EHP).

Another option that is more offensive is grabbing a Haunting Guise in lane. This also replaces the Mpen you lost for going Ninja Tabi. You will do a lot of f---ing damage with Guise and it has a fair chunk of health on it as well.

Don't forget to buy pink wards after he is 6 if you want any good hope of killing him without much trouble. It counters him just as much as it counters you.
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