Galio's mid is rage inducing.

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  3. Galio's mid is rage inducing.

User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#11
Galio can clear waves easy with Q+E, and he has no need to worry about taking damage thanks to Bulwark being ridiculous. Not to mention that Galio should have a complete MR page that gets him to lane with 80~ MR. It's not hard but it is certainly different than playing a standard AP.
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User Info: DoctorEggman

4 years ago#12
Galio's farming is pretty braindead once he gets just a little AP, he builds MR and gets free damage for it, and he's got an incredibly good ulti.

Downsides are not very short CDs and all skillshots, so he's not a high damage mage, but he's good if you need his ulti to set up other AoE ults, like MF's.
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  3. Galio's mid is rage inducing.

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