I have literally never seen a Nami ever.

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  3. I have literally never seen a Nami ever.

User Info: The_Weegee

4 years ago#1

Is she that bad?
Breloom is the satanic spawn of hell.-BahamutZero92

User Info: mattislegion

4 years ago#2
Her spells are pretty easy to dodge.
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#3
She's too fishy.
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User Info: Sexytoss

4 years ago#4
aHappySacka posted...
She's too fishy.


User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#5
you don't play with me
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User Info: FunWithAFryPan

4 years ago#6
mattislegion posted...
Her spells are pretty easy to dodge.

Well her Q is, but there isn't much you can do about the other 2.

I play her all the time. She isn't my favorite support, but still pretty good.
He who strikes with meaning is killed by meaning.

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#7
She's like Riven; unless you main her or know what you're doing, she's useless.
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Flare the Echidna 4 years ago#8
People haven't realized you should max E and pair her with a strong trader.

User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#9
To be honest I think her lategame E needs buffs. It's, what, 200 damage total? Sure, it slows, but still.
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User Info: KingOfAsia

4 years ago#10
wait til you see nami rule 34 now thats awesome ;p
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  3. I have literally never seen a Nami ever.

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